Build a small room. Arm two players. Let them kill each other. Over and over and over and over and over. Call it "Winning."

It examines the dynamic of popular First-Person Shooter videogames. By limiting the game space to a small room with two players, I've removed any overt reason to play the game in order to highlight the basic dynamic of violence. Both models, the terrorist and the counter-terrorist are wearing my smiling face, inverting the traditional place of a game avatar. It is not about fighting myself, but about about seeing myself and ourselves reflected in this perpetual cycle of violence and asking, "is this winning?". If there are no human players, then the cycle is broken.

built with the source engine, using hammer, based-off of counter-strike: source and using custom skins.

NP3 exhibition catalogue

Download the custom-skins (with installation instructions) then play at