It does what it says on the box. This piece came about after a year of thinking on OOO and my difficulties accepting it. It's not fashionable now, but I can't get past human phenomenology and epistemology, or "correlationism" as the kids are calling it these days. We only know what we know because of how we know.

Mixed up in all of this are the ideas of digital anthropopagy and productive misinterpretations. The ingesting and remixing culture to make more culture.

Also I've spent the last year watching my daughter develop from a completely helpless newborn to an increasingly independent toddler. This includes feeding herself. It's been fascinating. So there's a little of that thrown in, too.

elbow - space
wrist - a
thumb - t
index - little fingers - h, j, k, l

Some fun things people have been saying about it:

"Is there a feedback thing for when you successfully eat something? I don't know if I'm failing entirely or not.

- Erik Hanson

"this is pretty amusing -- there's something kind of overwhelming (in a good way) about hundreds of impeccably modeled recognizable things all piled onto each other. and i like how your hand ends up feeling totally QWOPlike and ineffectual against the deluge -- like when your arm falls asleep, kind of."
- Rob Dubbin